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Better control
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Efficiency & accuracy
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Easy reporting

Myelin helps you manage your school effectively and efficiently at multiple levels. Communicate instantly with the principal, teachers, parents and students all at once. Furthermore, manage finances, admissions, create and view all kinds of reports in no time. myelin integrates multiple features that streamline and automate complex tasks for efficient management.

One platform for all your needs
Efficient school management
  • Student admission and enrolment
  • Back-office operations
  • Fees and accounts management
  • Report printing and record-keeping
Real-time communication
  • Active principal – teacher-student engagement
  • Peer-to-peer interaction
  • Built-in messaging for management operations
Effective resource management
  • Maintain school resources
  • Track teacher effectiveness and performance
  • Plan school visit and lesson observations
  • Drive insights into overall school performance
  • Strengthen parent involvement
Dynamic reporting
  • Academic/non-academic performance trends
  • Attendance compliance of staff and students
  • Trending conversations in school
Brand building
  • Build school’s vision and goals
  • Establish school as a modern and progressive institution
  • Engage all stakeholders through events, greetings and messages
  • Maintain a photo gallery with an easy sharing option