Meet myelin's core team
Manoj Deshpande
Director | Co-Founder | Runner
Manoj is passionate about innovation. His 21-year-old journey with Infosys, Persistent and Opus, intrigued his interest in leading a start-up. He was curious to study how children in India can grow into better decision-makers. myelin was born as a result of his deep dive into a child's academic journey. Manoj believes that better communication between schools, teachers and parents is essential for a child's overall development. He heads design and innovation and develops AI/ ML insights for new product features. Manoj is an ultra-marathon runner and likes to travel.
Surendra Brahme
Director | Co-Founder | Head - Product engineering and operations
Surendra comes with rich experience of 22 years with Infosys. He worked across different engagements and different product platforms. His vivid experience from project and people management, customer relation and focus on implementing quality processes, will bring value to myelin platform. He aims to enable affordable private schools for technology and bridge the gap of insufficient resources and knowledge to deliver individual level learning. He strongly believes that focusing the teachers at the center of education theme and empowering them instead of replacing them, is the key of success for our education system. He strongly believes on team work and in order to improve learning excellence of students, myelin team is ready to work with all stakeholders – school management, principals, teachers and parents.
Sameer Kulkarni
Director | Sales and client relationship
Sameer comes with over 25 years of IT management experience. His previous role as a portfolio manager at Infosys has helped him understand stakeholder needs, team dynamics and user satisfaction. It was during a school visit for myelin that Sameer saw the power of communication, analytics, its need in affordable private schools and he decided to jump full time into myelin. Sameer believes every child has ability to succeed given right feedback and direction, especially early in student life. With the analytics driven approach on student performance insights, Sameer believes the school ecosystem can be the driver for this positive change in student career selection and skill development necessary.