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Data and technology are as ubiquitous as air in today’s world. They are an indispensable part of our lives, especially for the young minds who have grown up as digital natives. However, data and technology have not been able to enter Indian education so far. A visit to a typical institute takes us back to an analog era where documentation is done on paper and data is lost.

Enter myelin

myelin bridges the gap between data, technology and behavioural psychology with a unique platform that connects all the stakeholders involved in a child’s development in a noise-free streamlined setup. It is an ideal platform to shape and transform lives in the digital world..

myelin is a platform by Zenworks Solutions Private Limited, founded by a group of dynamic IT professionals who believe in the power of disruptive technology to make education more smart, accessible, effective, efficient and fun. myelin connects and empowers all stakeholders involved in the academic and personal development of students.

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Myelin Features

Change Insights regarding daily school operations to "Insights regarding daily operations" This feature ensures that the Institute management have daily updates about student and teacher attendance, teacher and student engagement, class performance, problem behaviors and more at their fingertips, making it easy to take data-driven decisions

Why use myelin?

enables and empowers parents and educators to contribute to the holistic development of students by streamlining communication between the various stakeholders , enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

myelin enables and empowers parents and educators to contribute to the holistic development of students by streamlining communication between the various stakeholders , enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

But why fix something that’s not broken?

Systems may appear to work just fine until a better system shows you the light. Without effective communication channels, the objective of the institute management may not be communicated effectively to its teachers and staff. Administrative and hierarchical constraints prevent educational institutions from providing qualitative, measurable delivery of academic and non-academic services.

One such example of an administrative constraint would be the burden of completing repetitive administrative tasks on teachers, which takes up a substantial part of the teacher’s time, thus reducing the energy and time dedicated to the student growth.

How does myelin help?

Our Story

“To be great at something is to be well myelinated.”

~ Cal Newport, “Deep Work”

Just over four years ago, we became fascinated by the idea of using data and technology to create an environment more conducive to efficient learning in our institutes. What if we could devise better systems to document a student's emotional, academic, and behavioural development? Imagine a world where students,parents and educationists collaborate as equal participants to ensure that the student gets the needed attention to bring out the best facets of their personalities. We imagined such a world, and found that with the right tools, every student has the potential to excel.

We started myelin in 2016 at PDEA English Medium School in Akurdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad. When we went live in this school in December 2016, we started with only a few classes. Here we discovered ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our product, and worked with the available data to develop Myelin into the ideal platform for connecting various stakeholders involved in a child’s education.

Our journey

In 2015, our founder Manoj Deshpande wondered how he could use technology to get reminders about tasks he needed to complete for his children’s school. You could use lists and calendars for this purpose, but was there a way to increase communication with schools? Manoj realised that teachers and schools were woefully non-communicative. Only after testing his mobile application for schools did Manoj realise the reasons for this: teachers are overburdened with a myriad non-teaching tasks that eat into their limited bandwidth. Myelin then shifted focus from parents to teachers, working with a team of experts, psychologists, and doctors to find ways to contribute to the holistic growth of children. In addition, Myelin also aims to reduce the time teachers spend on administrative tasks, leaving them with more time for teaching.

myelin’s services are now employed by 15 schools in Pune, and more than 15,000 (SSC board, CBSE board, in English, Marathi and Urdu) students and more than 400 teachers (including independent teachers).

Within a month of operations in Vidyanchal High School (VHS), diaries and calendars were discontinued, and classes were realigned with our program offerings. This resulted in several positive changes, e.g. absenteeism reduced overall as well as in terms of RTE admissions. Attendance improved and parent involvement increased substantially.

Meet the myelin team

Manoj Deshpande, co-founder

myelin channelizes communication of all stakeholders for specific goals and derives insights using machine learning.”

Manoj’s journey with myelin started in 2016. What makes us good decision makers? Our founder Manoj set out on a quest to understand what factors influence our decision-making skills and found that these skills are instilled early in our lives, when all the stakeholders involved in a child’s education are on the same page. Bringing 21 years of experience as an IT professional to Myelin, Manoj designs solutions, works on market development, product innovation, and data science

Sameer Kulkarni

myelin creates insights from contextual communications across an organization, which are then analyzed for process, performance and efficiency improvements. The current Indian educational ecosystem has tremendous potential. It’s exciting to be part of myelin, which helps educational institutes leverage this potential in their students.”

Sameer has extensive experience in the IT industry in a global delivery model over 23 years. Before myelin, Sameer worked as a portfolio manager in the BFSI domain at Infosys, was responsible for the delivery of services -- leading a team of more than 300 people.

Having worn many hats during his career, his most significant strengths have been delivery management and execution in multi-country client landscapes.

In his current role as head of products at myelin, Sameer works with a team of marketing professionals, developers, implementers, and users in order to deliver a robust analytics platform that the organization can use to improve their quality of service.

In the next five years, Sameer sees myelin reaching far and wide across the Indian education ecosystem, delivering improved learning experiences to students based on learning objectives mapped to the target curriculum and analytics-driven interventions.

Hiral Soni

“While most edutech startups talk about content, myelin addresses the core issue of communication, which is traditionally lacking in this space.”

Hiral met Manoj when he was in the process of developing his school app. As a parent, she could relate to the problems myelin tried to solve: schools are non-communicative, and that there was a discrepancy in the goals set by parents and those set by the teachers/school for their children.

Hiral observed a synergy with Manoj’s technical background. She believes that myelin needs different perspectives, and she brings her business and finance experience to the table. Hiral drives business strategy for myelin, a sounding board for new ideas, analyses the feasibility of ideas, marketing strategies.

Parag Nagwekar

“No one cares for your story till you win...so, WIN”

A digital transformation leader with 20 years experience in enterprise tech-sales ‘hunting’ & global business strategy; the heart of every role he has played was centred around generating revenue by acquiring, retaining & nurturing high end businesses thus creating happy customers into organisations most effective ‘profitable’ assets..

Having worked across organisations like Oracle, Ramco in the past, he has been instrumental in building Global SaaS across domestic & international markets. Under Parag's leadership his organisations have expanded their reach to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe & UK and with Zenworks Solutions, his role is no different.

His name had been featured in IT magazine and has been a speaker in number of CFO/startup events across the globe on how AI solves problems deemed unsolvable by traditional software.

On a personal front, he is an explorer, he loves ferreting out local jaunts & city's best eats and lives for good coffee - always open to grab one and talk business.

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