Designed for evolved and
participative parents
Real-time updates
Direct teacher connects
Non-academic progress insights
Full curriculum & report access
Quick performance tracking
Easy messaging platform

New-age parents are actively involved in their child’s learning and overall growth. Moreover, with broader awareness and evolved thinking, they understand that a child’s development is not just limited to academic grades and sports. myelin enables parents to understand their child’s capabilities and progress better at multiple levels and across parameters. Right from tracking grades, monitoring hobbies to gauging mental health, myelin is a one-stop-shop.

One platform for all your needs
Parent-teacher communication
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Extended two-way chat-based interaction
  • School and community news
  • Collaborated learning and development
Digital diary
  • School planner that syncs to your device’s calendar
  • To-Do`s and Actions
  • Track scheduled exams, performance and portion coverage
  • Access to the school photo gallery
  • Easy participation in school initiatives
Private social channel
  • Built-in standardised message library that grows with AI
  • Personalized and authorised one-to-one communication
Individualised and participative learning
  • Teaching/learning summary on absent days
  • Direct queries/ doubt submission on individual topics
  • Facility to share difficulty level with teachers for concepts
  • Tracking softer aspects related to the overall development
Actionable insights for interventions
  • Academic and developmental goal tracking
  • Participation in the child’s learning process
  • Age-appropriate learning outcomes in line with NCERT
  • Attendance tracking and indications about potential absenteeism/ drop-outs
  • Monthly summary on school’s contribution towards child’s learning
Career inclinations and life values
  • Access to trending conversations in school
  • Involvement in child's personality intents and behavioural strengths
  • Indication of early academic remedial interventions
  • Insights to the child's career inclinations based on interest, capability and aspirations