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digital guide
Paperless working
time-saving functionalities
Collaborate with parents for student success
Better work practices
Dynamic student performance tracking
Easy online reporting

Teachers are the pillars of students' learning journey and their contribution is incomparable. myelin is a tool that will work as teacher`s digital diary and a guide that helps to save time and effort in their everyday chores.

myelin completely digitalises all administrative school tasks such as assigning homework, tracking student performance, generating reports and one-to-one parent communication. It enables teachers to focus qualitative time on their core tasks like lesson planning, teaching and curriculum-based activities, leaving the rest to myelin!

One platform for all your needs
Teaching and assesment system
  • Digital dilivery of learing modules,homework and assesments
  • Insights on students's performance and learning patterns
  • Extended communication and engagement with students and parents
Lessons planning and administration
  • Lesson planning and learning objective tracking
  • Post lesson notes and remarks to generate a teaching catalogue
  • Creation of teaching hand-outs, audio and video artifacts
Real-time communication
  • Class, group and student-level communication
  • PTA member connect
  • Personal connect with students (greetings, photo gallery and engagement)
  • Communication from the principal on planning and execution
Learning at multiple levels
  • Cognitive, personal, social, linguistic, creative and physical development of students
  • Regular daily operational communication
  • Instructions and feedback
Learning at home
  • Sharing of homework and assignments directly to avoid miscommunication
  • Extract class and individual participation and queries
  • Self-teaching efficiency and effectiveness
Administrative excellence
  • Daily timetable and schedule
  • Student and self-attendance
  • Exam creation, evaluation and result sheet generation
  • Student information record, specific to class with historical accomplishment
  • Quiet/silent hours
  • Creation of catalogue, lesson plans as well as remedial intervention planning and delivery
  • Workload showcase