features for
Automated admin tasks
Intelligent insights
Quantifiable metrics
Seamless collaboration
Multiple stakeholder management
User-level customisation

With Myelin, principals get access to all the tools they need to connect with students, parents and teachers at one go. They can now complete day-to-day management tasks faster and better. They can navigate the learning process and keep a tab on the multi-level performance of the school without micromanaging and supervising multiple stakeholders.

One platform for all your needs
Assured school success
  • Online teaching administration and planning system
  • Communication with teachers, parents and students
  • Online intelligent analysis and reporting of teacher performance and efficacy
Efficient school administration
  • Planner creation, real-time updates
  • School level time- table creation
  • Project and initiative creation, task allocation for all school events
  • Exam scheduling and result release
  • Lesson/class observations and teacher performance management
Efficient resource management
  • Built-in standardized message library
  • Substitute teacher recommender
  • Behaviour and cultural change inducement
  • Plan vs. Actual [NP1]
  • Management vision and scoreboard
One-click information access
  • Student information
  • Teacher information
  • School assets, financials and budgets
  • Intervention collaboration
  • Vendor service tracking
Dashboard with actionable insights
  • Goals and school performance
  • Parent involvement and engagement
  • Attendance and punctuality insights
  • Visibility to trending conversations in school
  • Scheduling and grouping of various competitive committees and groups to improve academic progress