National Education Policy, 2020: Merging Cognitive with Creative


By recommending sweeping changes to the educational system, the NEP 2020 urges schools to explore technology like never before.

In July 2020, the Union Cabinet cleared a new National Education Policy (NEP) which proposed extensive changes to India’s existing educational framework. Most of us have read about the educational framework changes recommended.

The overarching message of the NEP 2020 is more unique though. In this iteration, the NEP stresses tapping the creative potential of every student. Let’s examine the significance of this.

What do school and college educations promise?

In India’s recent history, vocational skills–thereby the ability to get a job–were given particular emphasis, and rightfully so. With approximately 6.6 million people entering the workforce every year, and limited availability of jobs, educational frameworks were built to maximize the chances of employment. While degrees did mean a higher likelihood to find employment, they rarely attested to the individual’s knowledge, abilities, and skills. In fact, the ASER report of 2018 brought to light shockingly poor learning capacities and even poorer analytical abilities.

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